10.1 inch high brightness electromagnetic screen
The UT50 is equipped with a 10.1-inch high-brightness display with a display brightness of 800Lumi, and it is clearly visible in the sun and easily overcomes a variety of harsh environments. The electromagnetic stylus can be configured to achieve precise touch of the device.

High performance processor
With the 6th generation Intel Skylake Core i5 processor, it can reduce the running power of the product while ensuring high efficiency calculation, and carry out multi-tasking powerfully and efficiently.

Dual battery design, uninterrupted power supply
Dual-battery power supply, hot-swappable design, help you achieve unlimited time, uninterrupted engineering work, users can replace the battery without shutting down the device.


The UT50 uses industry-leading protection technology and a high brightness elect romagneti c screen to overcome a variety of harsh environments. A variety of interfaces and extensions are available to enable a wide range of industry and engineering applications. The UT50 is your reliable partner to achieve your goals.

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